Next to the Memorial Chapel the "Silent Night" and regional museum of Oberndorf is located. There, the creation and spreading of the Silent Night! Holy Night! carol can be explored. It is also possible to listen to the carol in its many translations.

On 260 m2, the lives of Joseph Mohr and Franz Xaver Gruber can be followed, as well as the historical context of their time. Visitors will find many interesting facts about the development of Oberndorf and its neighbouring town of Laufen.

The shipping-of-salt business on the river Salzach, which brought al lot of wealth to Oberndorf in the course of a thousand years, is also on exhibition. Another area deals with the life of Leopold Kohr (philosopher and scientist of economics), who is the interlectual father of the motto "small is beautiful". He was born in Oberndorf in 1909.


Stille Nacht - u. Heimatmuseum Oberndorf
Stille Nacht Platz 5
5110 Oberndorf near Salzburg