The website "" is in no relation with the similar registered trademark. Its non-commercial aim is to follow the roots of the Christmas carol "Silent Night! Holy Night!". Thanks to the successfull cooperation with the University of Salzburg it is was made possible to broadcast the Silent Night Memorial Celebration on the 24th of december as an audio-live-stream.

CD-ROM "Bräuche im Salzburger Land"

Its webcam has been installed in cooperation with the Association for tourism of Oberndorf within the project "Bräuche im Salzburger Land", which is CD-ROM series in three parts, published by the province of Salzburg and its institute for ethnology (language: German).

About 200 authors contributed the three CD-ROMs. The outcome is not only a rich compilation of information, but also presents 110 videos, 250 audios and 2.000 pictures, a real adventure into the folklore culture and its scientific research. One of its many links leads to and therefore creates a vivid and up to date medium.


Alexander Gautsch, Mag.
Barbara Sieberth, Mag.
Martha Günzl
Norbert Gautsch
Dorly Eaton
Christine Deutinger
Kurt Prügger
Hans-Christian Dobler, Mag.
Elfi Lassnig
Markus Lassnig, Dr.
Monika Kreiseder
Wolfgang Schattauer, Mag.
Margaret Schattauer, Mag.
Joanna Wojtach
Johanna Visser
Peter Visser
Verena Sommerauer
Katrin Hammerschmidt, Mag.
Aja Avdagic
Sonja Schoner